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Photo credit: Casey Reiger / TikTok

Photo credit: Casey Reiger / TikTok

From Women’s Health

  • One Los Angeles woman is showing off her football throwing skills in impressive TikTok videos.

  • Casey Rieger launches football after football straight through faraway targets with jaw-dropping accuracy.

  • She has gotten the attention of multiple NFL teams and joked about joining a local squad after making a full court basket with a regulation football.

TikTok is the place for impressive talent you didn’t know you needed to see, and one woman is showing off some serious football skills that’ll make your jaw drop.

TikTokker Casey Rieger (aka @caseyrieger8) has made a name for herself shooting hoops and hitting faraway targets with footballs. Rieger has shown off her impressive throwing arm and accuracy in a bunch of different TikToks. She’s joked about the Carolina Panthers having to sign her for her skills, and fair— Rieger can hit small targets from really, really far away.

A few examples:

And this one…

Well, she’s done a bunch of videos with a smaller football, and now she’s upgraded to regulation size. “Takes a lot to impress you guys,” she said in a new video, after sharing a comment from someone who asked her to do it with a regulation ball. In the video, Rieger showed that she’s holding a regulation size football—she even held it up to her head for comparison—before throwing it into a basketball hoop from all the way across a court. Nothing but net!

And people love it. Rieger has gotten the attention of NFL teams, who have cheered her on and even teased her. “How do we know it’s regulation size if we don’t know your head is regulation size?” the Detroit Lions wrote in the comments. The Los Angeles Rams also shared a series of hand clap emojis. “Impressive,” someone else wrote. “Yessssss,” another said.

Rieger later referenced the Rams’ response saying, “this is pretty cool. I live in LA, so…when we linking up?”

Here. For. It.

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