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Gary Sanchez rounding third base home uniform

Gary Sanchez rounding third base home uniform

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What trade value does Gary Sanchez have? — @codycolorado

Somewhere between not much and a little bit? The major trade involving a starting catcher that comes to mind is the J.T. Realmuto deal from Miami to Philadelphia in February of 2019, and it mostly serves as a reminder of how much less Sanchez would fetch.

For two years of Realmuto, the Phils gave up top pitching prospect Sixto Sanchez, catcher Jorge Alfaro, minor league LHP Will Stewart and international bonus money. Gary Sanchez has nearly that much team control — he’s a free agent after next season — but is obviously far from the all-around player that Realmuto is.

Still, for the same reasons that the Yankees haven’t yet been able to quit Sanchez, other teams might be tempted to take him for a season-and-a-half test drive. He is the fastest catcher in MLB history to 100 home runs, is dedicated and diligent about following analytics-based game plans, and could benefit from playing in a place where he hasn’t earned repeated benchings.

Sanchez would not fetch a top prospect on his own. But as part of a July deal that nets the Yankees, say, a controllable pitcher while giving up more than just Sanchez? Maybe.