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311219438 101819 BRIAN CASHMAN Treated Art

311219438 101819 BRIAN CASHMAN Treated Art

SNY’s Andy Martino will be responding to and breaking down answers to questions each day from readers. Here’s the latest…

@jman02437 are the yankees going to make a move?

This is a broad question, but I selected it over more specific ones about the likes of Gary Sanchez and Jasson Dominguez as a way to share reporting into the Yankees’ front office process, and their view of what they’ve seen on the field.

Brian Cashman made himself available to reporters on Monday as a way to show accountability (and avoid having to return 100 calls on an off day), but the team is a long, long way from making any changes.

The way the Yanks see it, the process and personnel in house have won 100 or more games in each of the past two full seasons and were championship caliber last year in a shortened campaign. They believe that major roster, manager or coaching changes would cause them to regress, not break out of a funk that they believe is temporary.

Of course, fans aren’t supposed to be that rational (neither are reporters — you’re talking to a guy who called for the team to bench or option Gleyber Torres). Their frustration this month is understandable.

But as far as making a move? Nope. No firings planned, no big DFAs, and almost certainly no big trades until it gets a few months closer to the July deadline.