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Yankees treated image with logo color

Yankees treated image with logo color

Yankees manager Aaron Boone announced another member of the Yankees’ traveling party tested positive for the coronavirus.

This is now the ninth positive COVID-19 case since last week.

“We’re just doing the best we can with it and fortunately he’s another one that feels good, so we’ll just continue to try to be vigilant and handle it as best as we can,” Boone told reporters on Sunday.

The Yankees did not announce who was positive, but Boone said it was a member of the support staff, and said someone will be replacing that member in Baltimore on Sunday and will travel to Texas with the team for their series against the Rangers.

Boone talked about the turnaround among the coaching staff with the positive cases and gave kudos to everyone involved.

“I’m thankful that we have so many good people that, not only have taken on more load or more responsibility but also taking on some responsibilities that aren’t necessarily in their expertise. We’ve had to share the load in a lot of cases, we’ve had people that have had to come here and plug right in. Really proud of everyone and how they’ve handled it and the job everyone’s doing behind the scenes to make a difficult situation as seamless as possible, and I feel like everyone involved has handled it really well.”