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Gary Sanchez/Kyle Higashioka

Gary Sanchez/Kyle Higashioka

Kyle Higashioka will get the start at catcher Tuesday for the first time this season, meaning Gary Sanchez‘s streak of three straight games to start the season has ended.

With Gerrit Cole taking the mound for the Yankees Tuesday, Aaron Boone said the decision to start Higashioka was more about getting him in during the first five games of the season, and getting Sanchez some rest as well.

“Gary’s caught every day so far, Higgy and Cole work great together,” Boone said prior to the game. “I wanted to get Higgy in at least once in this five day stretch here, and this kind of lined up with Gary playing four out of five, three in a row, and with Kyle and Gerrit working well together, it just seemed like a good day to do that.”

Sanchez has struggled in the last few days, going 0-4 in back-to-back games after starting the year with a home run in each of the first two outings. A day of rest could work to reset himself.

Higashioka and Cole have a long history of working together last season, with Higashioka catching all of Cole’s pitches during the 2020 playoffs.