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Aaron Rodgers was indeed exasperated.

The seventh show of his two-week guest-hosting gig included a Packers-related question on which all three contestants fell silent.

Under the category “Title Waves” and at a value of $400, the answer was this: “In the 1960s these midwesterners earned 5 NFL championship trophies.” After the time expired, Rodgers threw out his hands and said, “Green Bay Packers?” (We also would have accepted, “What the hell’s goin’ on out here?“)

The next answer related to the Boston Celtics. When one of the contestants answered correctly, Rodgers said, “Oh, you know that one, huh?”

Even without Rodgers hosting, anyone who knows anything about football knows that the Packers ran roughshod over the NFL in the 1960s. With Rodgers there, his exasperation was indeed warranted.

With Aaron Rodgers hosting, Jeopardy! contestants whiff on Packers question originally appeared on Pro Football Talk