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Happy Wednesday you crazy people! We open up today’s show with a blimp on the Bucs injury report. Who got nicked up today 4 DAYS BEFORE WE PLAY NEW ORLEANS? We also have Bruce Arians audio from his presser. There is also a Playoff game for the Bolts tonight so we bring you some Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper audio. Bolts ready for game 2 after game 1’s win? Cooper gives us some answers.

At 3:30, we have James Pytralka of Fox Sports joining the show to talk some NFL Football. How are fox sports going about all that is happening currently in the sports world? James shares his behind the scenes experience with fox sports. Also, James tell us who his new announcer team is and what game he is working on his weekend. And let’s just say hopefully he stays safe… also he has a great Bucs QB Josh Rosen story….tune in to hear where!

At 4pm, Lightning analyst and hockey legend, Bobby “The Chief” Taylor joins the show to talk about those damn Bolts! What is going to be different this game from last game? What should we expect for the Islanders-Lightning? Who is going to be in net for the islanders? JP and Chief also break down game 1 while giving us a game 2 preview. Gotta check this interview out! Gloves are about to drop!

At 5:15, we have audio from Bucs TE RobGronkowski and head coach Bruce Arians. Gronk gives us a “whole new energy” in his interview and how he is getting ready for the week one battle against the New Orleans Saints. Gronk mentions about bringing your own energy since no fans in the stands! Tune to hear a “Gronk concert” lol yeah you heard that right!

At 5:30, we have Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz. JP has some words for Smoltzy today since they are playing each other in Fantasy football this week. We also jump into talking some baseball. “HOW ABOUT THOSE RAYS, JOHN?” Is there anyone that can beat the Rays in a 7 game series if there starting pitching and bullpen are HOT? Smoltzy breaks down what he loves about the Rays and what problem would be most likely for the Rays. John also answers why there are so many injuries this year for MLB and so much more during this interview! Check out Smoltzy throwing straight CHED!

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