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The question has swirled throughout the NFL for the past 24 hours. Who is the “motherf–ker” to whom Tom Brady is referring in his comments regarding a team that lost interest in signing Brady last year because they were “sticking with” the other guy?

Speculation has centered on 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, because: (1) Brady wanted to play for the 49ers; and (2) the 49ers decided to stick with Garoppolo.

Other possibilities, in our view, are the Titans and Ryan Tannehill, the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky, the Broncos and Drew Lock, and maybe the Raiders and Derek Carr.

Tannehill makes little sense. He was the comeback player of the year in 2019, and he beat Brady in his last game ever with the Patriots. Trubisky makes little sense, because there was no reporting linking Brady to the Bears. Ditto for the Broncos, given Brady’s horrible history playing in Denver. Carr makes a little more sense, if Brady was truly interested in the Raiders.

Brady reportedly showed interest in the Chargers and the Colts. Neither team was considering a quarterback option that would constitute “sticking with” anyone. The Chargers signed Tyrod Taylor in the same free agency cycle, and the Colts signed Philip Rivers.

We posted a Twitter poll on Monday, and Garoppolo has been the overwhelming choice.

Regardless of who it was, here’s hoping Brady is asked that question at some point between now and training camp, or during his first media availability of training camp.

Who was Tom Brady referring to with his “motherf–ker” remark? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk