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Bears quarterback Justin Fields recently praised QB1 (for now) Andy Dalton for taking the rookie under his wing. But one this Fields said raises eyebrows.

“I think there was one day after OTAs, I was throwing extra after practice, and he stayed out there specifically just to see maybe what I was doing wrong and he was just trying to help me out,” Fields said.

So Fields was throwing. And Dalton noticed something Field was doing wrong.

This dovetails with concerns about Fields’ throwing motion, concerns to which analysts like NBC’s Chris Simms have alluded. And it was Simms who pointed out to me the telling admission in Fields’ comments.

Look at the attached photo. The elbow sticks up high in the air as the arm cocks. Plenty of photos of Fields show his arm in that position.

It ultimately may mean nothing. He still gets the ball out quickly enough. But with a smoother and more efficient throwing motion, he could get it out even faster. Also, the unusual throwing motion can affect his accuracy.

Maybe that’s what Dalton saw. Maybe it was something else. Whatever it was, it was enough for Dalton to mention it to Fields.

What did Andy Dalton see “wrong” in Justin Fields’ throwing motion? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk