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Happy FriYAY from the JP Show! Today we will bring you all the latest scoop going on in the world of sports and politcs.

At 3:15 we bring you the NHL’s stances on the shooting of Jacob Blake and how sports are being affected by it. What do our boys in blue think? Tune in to find out.

At 3:30 we made an appearance at the Bucs practice today and the goat is bringing the heat this Fall! Who will his weapons be this season? Tune in to get the scoop.

At 3:45 the ladies of the “Beauty and the Cleats” podcast join us to chat with us about all the NBA players and their boycotting of the playoffs. Is this reasonable? Tune in to listen up!

At 4:15 another one of our lovely podcasts the boys of “On the Clock” join us to chat about high school football and the effect that the Covid crisis has on the kids. Will they overcome it and play some sports? Tune in to find out!

At 4:30 Brian Fasulo joins us to talk more about the police force and how they are affecting the sports world! Is it really the cops fault? Tune in to hear what we think!

At 4:45 our great friend Evan El Bushman of “Sports Caffeine” Podcast will join us to talk everything from fantasy football to Bucs and the Tampa Bay Rays. Who do y’all got in fantasy? Tune in and let us know.

At 5:00 we bring in ex Denver police force veteran Thomas Johnston to talk about all the backlash the police are receiving after the shooting of Jacob Blake. What do the cops think of all of the bold stances made by the sports leagues? Tune in to find out!

At 5:45 we go “Down in the DMs” with intern Kasey. Has she found love yet? Probably not. Who is this fool and what did he do? Tune in to hear her newest dilemma in the dating world.

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