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Sunday night’s win by the Packers clinched the No. 1 seed for Green Bay and it also ensured the Eagles of a ticket to the dance, which means there’s not a whole lot of suspense left for the final week of the season in the NFC.

One spot remains available in the postseason tournament and it will belong to the 49ers if they are able to beat the Rams for the sixth straight time in Week 18. If they don’t, the Saints will be in with a win over the Falcons. Should the 49ers prevail, the Cardinals can leapfrog the Rams for the NFC West title with a win over the Seahawks so that 49ers-Rams game is easily the most consequential matchup in the conference in the final week.

Here’s how everything stacks up in the NFC with one game left to play:


1. Packers (13-3) Clinching the top seed in the conference by blowing out the Vikings makes for a lot of smiles in Green Bay.

2. Rams (12-4) Their comeback in Baltimore meant more once the Cardinals won in Dallas.

3. Buccaneers (12-4) Antonio Brown made them look foolish, but they have a chance to make sure his absence an afterthought in the postseason.

4. Cowboys (11-5) They may have prevailed on Sunday with better timeout management and they may get another shot at facing the Cardinals.

5. Cardinals (11-5) Snapping their losing streak may not get them the division title, but it was still a welcome development for Arizona.

7. Eagles (9-7) Nick Sirianni got the Eagles in the playoffs in his first season on the job.


6. 49ers (9-7) They rank above the Eagles in the standings, but the vagaries of making the playoffs mean there’s still work to do in Week 18.

8. Saints (8-8) If you’re looking for the biggest Rams fans in the world, check New Orleans.


9. Vikings (7-9) Now that the playoffs are off the table, will the Vikings make a coaching change?

10. Falcons (7-9) Matt Ryan got a taunting penalty on a play that turned out not to be a touchdown on Sunday, which feels fitting for this Falcons season.

11. Washington (6-10) A losing record got them in the playoffs last year, but the NFC wasn’t quite so forgiving this time around.

12. Bears (6-10) Beating the Giants means the first-round pick they’re sending to the NFC East laughingstock won’t be quite as good.

13. Seahawks (6-10) If Sunday’s game was Russell Wilson‘s last home contest with the Seahawks, he went out with a bang.

14. Panthers (5-11) Sam Darnold returned to the starting lineup to remind the Panthers that they still need a quarterback.

15. Giants (4-12) Joe Judge is doing his best to convince the world that results don’t matter in the NFL.

16. Lions (2-13-1) They can still get the top pick in the draft if things break their way in Week 18.

Week 18 NFL playoff picture: One spot at the table left in the NFC originally appeared on Pro Football Talk