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The Baltimore Ravens have been having fun with their 2021 draft class over the course of the past few weeks. From getting them into the building for the first time all the way to OTAs, each rookie has been getting a feel for the NFL little by little.

One thing that Baltimore’s creative team has done is put out a series of videos of the draft class trying to name things from the ’90s. First, the rookies were tasked with naming items from the ’90s, followed by naming artists from the time period. Now, they were asked to name entertainment icons from what some classify as a long time ago, and they didn’t disappoint with their answers.

It seemed like certain players knew almost everything they were handed, including Daelin Hayes and Ben Cleveland. However, most of the rookie class was able to correctly guess things like “Remember the Titans”, “Friends”, and even “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Many are familiar with what the Ravens’ rookies can do on the field, but these videos and activities are a good way to get a glimpse into what each of them is like off of it. It seems like Baltimore drafted players who fit their culture and have great personalities, which is something the team values tremendously.