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At this point, you’ve learned each new member of the Miami Dolphins’ rookie class of 2021. You’ve heard their names. You’ve seen their highlights. And thanks to the Dolphins you’ve also seen a bit of what went into the team’s decision making process to make each of them a member of the Dolphins this spring.

But now, the Dolphins are pulling back the curtain a little further, providing fans with a look of what the team’s on-boarding process for rookies looked like this past year. From booked flights to retinal scans and helmet fittings, the Dolphins’ latest offseason content gives fans insight into the ‘unsung heroes’ of the team’s process after the call is made to each player to inform them of their future as a member of the team.

For those who have never been around an NFL program before, the team’s video offers some great context into all of the people involved in the logistics of football operations and how they all mesh and complement one another in order to make a seamless transition for the players in the immediate aftermath of the NFL draft.

Sound interesting? You’re in luck. You can watch the video in its entirety below: