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Vikings LB Anthony Barr had a stellar game in the loss to the Rams. He had two interceptions, seven tackles and a QB hit.

While the offense, defense and special teams did not meet expectations on Sunday, Barr cannot be at fault for any of that. However, Barr found something outside of all those things to be frustrated with after the loss.

Barr was not a fan of the energy in the stadium. Here’s what he said:

“It felt like it was a little dead inside of here today,” Barr said, per Jeff Wald of Fox 9. “Usually we’ve got a nice buzz and for whatever reason, it was not there. Christmas hangover, I don’t know. I don’t what y’all did last night, too much fun I guess.”

Barr may want to consider why the crowd was dead. There were a variety of factors to choose from.

For one, the team had a .500 record heading into the game. Also, the Vikings offense failed to capitalize on red zone opportunities. Oh yeah, and the Minnesota punt unit allowed a touchdown. Sure, some of those things aren’t Barr’s fault, but the energy on the field often looked comparable to the energy from the crowd.