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Jaguars coach Urban Meyer continues to talk about signing tight end Tim Tebow. Without actually signing Tim Tebow.

On Saturday, Meyer once again suggested that the official acquisition of Tebow could be coming soon.

“I’ve leaned on my staff for that,” Meyer told reporters on Saturday during the team’s rookie minicamp. “And I imagine a decision is gonna be soon. . . We’ll have a chat Sunday.”

Meyer has suggested that Tebow will indeed be signed. But the signing hasn’t happened.

So what’s the delay? Is it an extended trial balloon? Or are the Jaguars simply waiting to trade or release quarterback Gardner Minshew, so that the Jaguars instantly can capitalize on selling as many “Tebow 15” jerseys as possible?

Whatever the reason for the delay — and whatever the basis for the decision not to simply have Tebow participate in rookie minicamp on a tryout basis — a decision is coming soon. There’s currently no reason to think the decision will be anything other than to add Tebow to the 90-man roster.

Urban Meyer on Tim Tebow: A decision is coming soon originally appeared on Pro Football Talk