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The fight that took a court order to make is officially on, and the recipient of said order doesn’t seem too happy.

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury signed the contract for his trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder on Saturday, setting up a rematch more than a year in the making. The pair will square off on July 24 in Las Vegas, 17 months after Fury dominated Wilder in the same city.

Fury had just finalized a fight against WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO champ Anthony Joshua, when an arbitrator ruled that Fury owed Wilder a fight despite more than a year of attempting to make one. Rather than pay Wilder step-aside money, Fury soon set up the fight.

Before and after signing the contract, Fury had plenty to say about his past and future opponent.

Warning, the following video contains some NSFW language.

“Wilder’s a p****, an excuse-maker and a s***-house,” Fury said. “Should we do it and put him out of his misery? Put him seriously smashed to bits? Crack his other side of his skull? Give him another shoulder injury? Another biceps injury, a leg injury, a nutsack injury, the whole lot.

“Wilder, contract’s signed. You’re getting smashed. When I say ‘smashed,’ I mean ‘smash, smash, smash, bang.’ You’re getting knocked out. End of one round, you’re going. I’ve got your soul, your mojo, everything. I own you.”

Fury even took the opportunity to call Wilder a b**** on national television during a cameo on ESPN’s Top Rank broadcast.

It’s hard to blame Fury for being confident. The second fight between Fury and Wilder was so one-sided that Fury was eventually licking up the American’s blood before the other corner finally threw in the towel in the second round. Of course, Wilder could very well win; he’s had more than a year to adjust and showed he can knock down Fury in the first fight, a controversial draw.

If Fury defeats Wilder, he’s likely to set up another fight with Joshua, though the latter is dealing with a mandatory challenge of his own in the form of former unified cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

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