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Le’Veon Bell stirred up the first major offseason drama that didn’t include Tom Brady or Tim Tebow. In a comment on an Instagram post over the weekend, the former Kansas City Chiefs running back said that he’d retire before playing for head coach Andy Reid ever again. 

We don’t know why Bell made those comments (though his reduced playing time with the Chiefs may have something to do with it), but they didn’t sit right with one of Bell’s former teammates: Tyrann Mathieu.

In tweet replying to former NFL cornerback Charles James II, Mathieu stood up for his head coach and said that Bell is unfairly blaming his lack of success in Kansas City on Reid. 

“These fellas will blame everybody for their lack of success,” Mathieu wrote. “That’s how I know I’m built different.”

Bell apologizes for airing grievance on social media

The day after Bell’s Instagram comment went viral, he apologized for posting his private feelings about Reid on social media. But Bell stood by his comments and didn’t reveal why he feels that way about one of the most respected and beloved coaches in the NFL.

This isn’t the first time Bell has lashed out at one of his former teams on social media. Bell came to the Chiefs after spending part of the 2020 season with the New York Jets. He was released following a disastrous two-year stint, and Bell definitely has some feelings about it. 

Bell has been saying that the 2021 season is when everyone will be “reminded” of the kind of player he is (or used to be).

But Bell needs to sign with a team for that to happen. Thus far, he hasn’t had any takers. 

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