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The Seahawks began last season 6-1 by averaging 34.3 points and 414.4 yards per game and letting Russ cook. But that plan went out the window when Russell Wilson went on a turnover-fest with seven giveaways in back-to-back losses.

In the final nine games, the Seahawks went 6-3 and averaged only 24.3 points and 334.6 yards per game. They then lost to the Rams in the wild-card round of the postseason, scoring 20 points and gaining 278 yards.

Receiver Tyler Lockett answered a question about the Seahawks’ understanding of what went wrong and how they might avoid a repeat performance in 2021.

“I think there’s a lot of things that we can learn,” Lockett said, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR Sports Radio and PFT. “I think we have to go into it with the mind that’s able to accept and listen and understand and not act like we know everything.”

The Seahawks finished the season 17th in yards per game, including 16th in passing. Wilson, the MVP favorite after seven games, still has not garnered a single MVP vote in his decorated career.

Lockett compared what happened to the Seahawks last season to a basketball player who can’t do anything but hit 3-pointers. Without a countermove, the defense can more easily neutralize him.

“When you look at the first half of our season and you see the way that we played, I mean, why would we ever stop playing like that, right?” Lockett said. “Like, everything is clicking. Whatever we choose to do, it works, so to where we really didn’t have to worry about adjusting. We made everybody adjust to us. So it wasn’t until the second half of the season where we were truly faced with having to learn how to adjust. And that’s the thing that sometimes it’s hard for people in general.

“Like, even for us is, we’ve done so many things that was like out of this world where people was like, this offense is crazy, to where we didn’t have to adjust. And then when teams started doing some of the things that we hadn’t seen on film, and they were starting to just do certain things to prepare for us, now we had to learn how to be able to see what they’re doing before we attack. And that’s why I said it’s different.”

Since back-to-back Super Bowl appearances in 2013-14, the Seahawks are 62-33 in the regular season but only 3-5 in the postseason.

“Going into this season, we’re going to have to learn to adapt to anything and whatever is thrown our way,” Lockett said. “It’s not about being like, ‘They can’t stop the pass, and we’re going to keep passing.’ It’s about, if a team makes us have to run the ball, we as a team have to execute. If a team is giving us all the short throws, it’s being able to execute that. If they’re going to give us the deep balls, we’re going to take that. Whatever a team gives us, we’ve got to be able to take it rather than trying to go out there and do whatever we want to do. That’s what I’ve learned.”

Tyler Lockett: Seahawks must figure out how to adjust to defenses originally appeared on Pro Football Talk