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Lee Westwood and Helen Storey exclusive: ‘We’ll talk nonsense on the course – anything but golf’

Helen Storey and Lee Westwood are recalling a sliding doors moment from 2019 that might just have tested the resilience of some relationships, never mind act as a catalyst for the remarkable resurgence for one of England golf’s most cherished careers. “It was the Saturday of the Dunhill Links at St Andrews and Lee had missed the cut and was clearly disgusted with his putting,” Storey says. “We were due to go to the Gala Dinner that night in the Old Course Hotel, a big, fancy affair that Lee always enjoys. But I said, ‘Let’s not go there and get sozzled and write off tomorrow. Let’s drive down to Southport now and go to Phil Kenyon’s lab and get it sorted.’ ” Westwood sniggers at the memory. “I’m not sure any of my previous caddies would have got more than a two-word response,” he says. “I enjoy that dinner, loads of interesting sports people to talk to. And to be honest, I fancied a bit of a drink after those three days on the greens. But we went, immediately got into it on Sunday, found a solution by Monday and that was a huge turning point for me.”