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Apr. 16—At 10 years old, Landon Brooks of Turner is already a two-time Junior World Champion on the disc golf circuit.

This weekend he will be moving up to compete with adults in the amateur division of the MVP Open at Maple Hill Disc Golf Course in Leicester, Massachusetts. The course is considered the best in the country by most disc golf experts.

He and his mother, Jessi, will compete in the amateur division of the tournament, which will feature some of the best amateurs in the country. She will try to win the women’s amateur crown where she has finished second and third the past few years.

“I’m going to have fun no matter if I win or lose.” — Landon Brooks, age 10.

Landon will play in the men’s amateur with mostly adults. While he does not have the physical strength as an adult, he credits his success to his mindset and technical detail when choosing what disc and approach to each hole.

“I’m always calm and relaxed and don’t let anything get to me,” he said. “I see some of the adults get upset when things go bad and that’s where I make up ground. I just don’t get mad or frustrated. I’m just having fun and don’t put pressure on myself.

“I guess I was just born into the sport,” he said. “My mom and dad have been playing since before I was born so I guess it’s just something that comes naturally.”

On Thursday, the family practiced at Pine Haven Disc Golf Course in Auburn, a day before they head to the Bay State tourney. They’ll play regardless of the weather.

“The only time we have to stop is when there are thunder and lightning,” Landon said.

They normally travel all year to tournaments around the country, but haven’t done much since COVID-19 hit.

Landon has been keeping busy wrestling and playing the drums. He also excels at baseball where he is the youngest on a local all-star team.

But disc golf is his love and forte. He is looking forward to turning professional, which he thinks will happen when he turns 15.

No matter what score he gets this weekend or in the future, there is one thing he is sure of.

“I’m going to have fun no matter if I win or lose,” he said.