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Our Tuesday show opens with letting you guys in on Whats happening around the Tampa Bay Area. Tampa Bay Rays are having a intra-squad scrimmage, what are the teams going to look like. How did the Tampa Bay Lightning do in their scrimmage yesterday. Also, Booger McFarland lets us know there will be football.

BREAKING NEWS!! Players will have decals on helmets. Players given option for “BLACK LIVES MATTER” type decal. Is it right or wrong? How is this going to play with the fans? Is this a dangerous game to play for the NFL? Should players also be able to honor fallen cops? JP shares his INTENSE thoughts on the matter.

Blake Snell, Tyler Glasnow, Yandy Diaz, and the Rays in action tonight!! THE SNITCH LINE IS HOT!! With results from recent tests coming back is there a big deal being made for no reason? SCIENCE AND DATA SAY IT IS! JP JUST WANTS POSITIVITY!

At 3:45pm, Evan “El Bushman” joins the show for some good laughs and even better news!! JP has a Manny Pacquio story..get a good laugh from this! NFL/NFLPA Saga has a new chapter! Both sides have a agreed on something, but what is it? Evan and JP get into Bucs Football. What rookies can make an immediate impact? Since there is no preseason games, what does that mean for the young talent?

At 4pm LIGHTNING UPDATE!!! We tune in to Head Coach Jon Cooper audio and go over what happened in yesterday’s scrimmage between the Blue-White team. How did the team look? Was there more bad than good? How’s “the bubble” going to take ahold of everything? Coop delivers his message to the media!

At 4:15pm, our QB GURU former Tampa Bay Storm/Orlando Predator QB Shane Stafford, joins the team coming off a HIGH from last weeks segment. We start off HOT with Shane!! Cam Newton a vegan?!?!?!? Newton vs Brady, who has a better season? Shane breaks it down from the QB tape and puts the QB experience to the table. Shane takes you through Brady’s IQ of what he is seeing during the red zone. Let’s just say Match up nightmares in favor of The Bucs. You gotta listen in!

At 4:45, TEST RESULTS!!! Covid tests for sports leagues are in and the numbers are somewhat shocking. Check in to hear the numbers and how many players have tested positive. Also, we go over the WORLD NUMBERS, including Canada. Why did Canada kick out the Toronto Blue Jays? JP wonders what the hell is going on!

At 5:00, 95 NFL PLAYERS TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID………..big deal when you don’t mention they tested over 2800 players. These are players that have been out and about no under a bubble yet. Tune in to hear the percentage of how many players are positive. POSITIVE SIGNS AHEAD!!! We also have audio from Super Bowl winning former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, ANTHONY “BOOGER” MCFARLAND and his two cents, dropping knowledge upon our heads!

At 5:15pm, Corey Long from and joins us on the JP PETERSON show to talk NFL and some NHL. 3.3% of NFL PLAYERS TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID. Some would say that’s bad news….NOT US. Corey gives us his opinion on the Bolts Intra-Squad Scrimmage. What were some surprises? How did we look? How’s “The Captain” of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Steven Stamkos doing rehabbing will he be ready to go? Corey and JP drop the gloves on this segment! Tune in!!

At 5:45 COMMISSIONER JP MAKES A RETURN TO SAVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Also, giving you all the COVID NEWS you need to hear! One word: HYDRAOXYCHLOROQUINE! You have to tune in to hear the gang chime in! Audio from Dr. Scott Jensen, Minnesota State Senator and 40 year family physician, was named 2015 family doctor of the year in Minnesota; INTERESTING STORY and SCARY SITUATION FOR HIM. JP shares his thoughts on Dr. Jensen’s video.

To listen live or get audio for our show hit this link!!!! hit the listen live button!