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Its a good day here in Champa Bay! Game 1 of the World Series is tonight at 8pm in Dallas! Who will take game 1? The underdog or the big payroll? Will Glasnow take care of business against the fastball hitting Dodgers? Catch the game to find out!

At 3:15 Anthony Becht joins us to chat with us about the NFL and breaks down the coaching staff as well as the analytical side of the the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Tune in to get the lowdown on what makes our red guys so great!

At 3:45 we bring on our man Ryan Deviney of “Casuals MMA” podcast to chat with us about what is coming up in UFC. Khabib is favored to take it all in his upcoming matchup! Will he repeat or will he choke? Tune in to hear what the expert has to say.

At 4:00 we bring on Greg Auman from The Athletic to chat about the Bucs game and the Bucs going forward. Last years team and this year’s team are “A TALE OF TWO TAPES” according to Greg, he explains in this interview. How about the Bucs RUN GAME? What is the difference between now and before? Greg answers the hot questions and then some! Like our defense JP and Greg BRING THE NOISE!!!

At 4:30 we bring in our good friend Dan Lucas from News Channel 8 to chat with us live from Dallas. He gives us the lowdown on the stadium and how the players are holding up and preparing to take on the Dodgers. Tune in to hear what his thoughts are on our Rays.

At 4:45 our good friend James Ludeman of “Set the Sails” podcast joins us to chat about everything Tampa bay sports. Its a great time to be a Tampa Sports fan! Will we become Tampa Bay Title Town? Tune in to hear what he thinks!

At 5:00 we bring in John Smoltz of Fox Sports to give us the inside scoop on the analytical side of the upcoming World Series. Listen up to hear the expert give us the low down.

At 5:30 we bring in Rays Head Coach Kevin Cash to talk to us about how him and the team are preparing to take on the LA Dodgers. What has the team been doing in preparation? Tune in to hear the man himself.

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