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One day closer to Friday people! This week there is plenty to distract you from your work week in sports, news, and pop culture.


The Rays lead the Astros 2-0 in the ACLS series with hot bats and consistent pitching. Will they take the series? Will the Astros make the series interesting? Tune in to find out what head coach Kevin Cash has to say!


We hear from head coach Bruce Arians as he gives his assessment of the last five games. Given all the injuries and adversity this team is facing the coaching staff still thinks the Bucs have what it takes to win. Tune in to get the lowdown!

At 3:30 we bring in Cliff from Conservative Grounds coffee shop to chat with us about our new marketing partner. Tune in to hear all the bug things coming!

At 4:45 we bring in USF athletic director to talk about the effect Covid has had on the world of college athletics. What will college basketball and the rest of football season look like? Tune in to get the first hand scoop!

At 5:00 Rob Higgins of Tampa Bay Sports Commission joins us to give us the lowdown on how the super bowl in Tampa is favored to play out given a pandemic. Will we have it? Will there be fans in the stands? Tune in to hear what Rob has to say!

At 5:15 we bring in former Bucs superstar and super bowl winner Derrick Brooks to chat with us about what he thinks about the super bowl coming to Tampa. He gives us the lowdown on what it is like to play in the super bowl as a player and tells us what the best decision for fans is. Tune in for the whole segment.

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