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Prepare your hot takes, amateur scouts, because we finally got our first video of Tim Tebow as a tight end. Tebow reported to Jacksonville Jaguars camp, and was spotted running routes Friday.

What did Tebow look like at his new position? You can be the judge:

Do you agree with Mark Long’s tongue-in-cheek assessment that Tebow is bound for the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Do you see a mega bust who’s going to get knocked down at the line before every route? Do you see the next Taysom Hill, a dual threat capable of beating defenses multiple ways?

Or do you see … a player running a generic practice route and making a normal catch? That’s probably the most reasonable answer here. It’s one rep of a common tight end drill. It doesn’t require Tebow — or any other Jaguars tight end — to do anything spectacular. He looked fine going through that one rep.

Will Tim Tebow succeed as a tight end in the NFL?

It’s impossible to evaluate Tebow based on that one play, and foolish to try and predict what it means for his success or failure as an NFL tight end. You could probably say that about Tebow’s performance throughout camp. Scouts won’t get a true evaluation of Tebow until he plays against real defenses. Even then, the preseason might not provide many glimpses of Tebow’s ceiling. 

Given Tebow’s position change, and the fact that he’s been out of the NFL since 2012, Tebow turning into an impact tight end at 33 is a long shot. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just that it’s unlikely. It would be the same for any player facing a drastic position change this late in their career.

With other players, one practice rep wouldn’t inspire takes about whether that player will fail or succeed in the NFL. With Tebow, overreactions are going to occur every time he takes a breath on the field. 

Until Tebow gets meaningful usage in games, any outside evaluation of Tebow as a tight end isn’t going to matter.

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