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Welcome back ya filthy animals! We open the show today with a lightning preview for tonight’s playoff game against the New York Islanders. Is point playing? Stamkos is skating? Who gets more credit for this team, Yzerman or Briesbois? Packed show today! Check it out!!

At 3:15, we have former NFL player Anthony Becht from “walk the plank” podcast joins the show to talk all things football. We review the Bucs game and what we need to see going forward. Are the Bucs ever going to cure the running game woes? And is college football going to be played by the big ten after all? JP and AB break it down for us.

At 3:45, we have James Ludeman from the Set the Sails Podcast joining the show to talk about the Bucs! James says he saw the worst performance of all time from this Buccaneer? Who do you think he is talking about? Who/what do we blame for the loss? How well did Brady play? James answers the tough questions from JP. SPARKS FLY! Tune in to see what we are talking about!


At 4:15, we bring you lightning audio from head coach Jon Cooper. If you know Coop, his interviews are never short of unpredictable! Tune in to hear what Cooper has to say about tonight’s tilt against the islanders.


At 5pm, we break down the Rays vs Nationals game tonight! Also what’s up with this new MLB playoff bubble? Is what’s happening right now not working? What if the Rays face the Yankees in a best of 3 series? Tune in to hear what we think!!!! And so much more so tune in!!!!

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