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Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy has been mostly in the background of the conflict between Aaron Rodgers and the team, but he’s injected himself into the situation publicly with a pair of comments recently.

In his monthly column at, Murphy said the situation with Rodgers has “divided the fanbase,” and more recently, he echoed a comment from late Packers general manager Ted Thompson on Rodgers being a “complicated fella,” per NBC-26 in Green Bay.

Here are a few thoughts on Murphy’s recent comments:

– Both of the comments are 100 percent true. Anyone following the situation with Rodgers understands how divisive the conflict is among the fanbase. And anyone following Rodgers’ career and maturation in the public eye understands how many layers make up the man. No one would ever argue either point.

– But both comments were also 100 percent unnecessary. Sometimes, in a delicate dispute like this one, even pointing out the obvious can be the wrong move. The Packers don’t need to be begging at the feet of Rodgers in this thing, but avoiding public missteps like Murphy’s comments – no matter how innocent – is important.

– The intent is important, too. And the implication. It certainly didn’t sound like Murphy was using “complicated” in a positive light here. Rodgers is complicated in some very good ways, but Murphy sure sounds like he’s using the word as a synonym of “difficult.”

– It is interesting that Murphy, in his monthly column, asked for both sides to say less publicly. Yet, in the same paragraph, he called the situation divisive, and he later painted a less than flattering picture of the quarterback in another public comment. Taking his own advice might be worth considering for Murphy here.

– I’d guess Matt LaFleur and Brian Gutekunst aren’t exactly thrilled with the team president making these vague and unnecessary comments while the coach and general manager are saying all the right things publicly and trying behind the scenes to get the MVP quarterback back in Green Bay.

– The first thought I had: “Don’t be the problem. Don’t be the problem.” That’s reportedly what Murphy once said to Rodgers after hiring LaFleur to be the new coach. Maybe Rodgers should repay the favor. Don’t be the problem, Mark.

– The next thought I had: Imagine arguing with your significant other and calling the other “complicated” or something along those lines. It usually doesn’t go over well. I don’t know, that little bit of context just helps highlight why it’s something he probably shouldn’t have said in a public setting.

– Remember, Murphy will speak at the shareholders meeting on July 26. That will be an interesting moment, likely on the eve of the start of training camp. The next step in this saga is training camp, and whether or not Rodgers will report.