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We open today’s dripping wet show with Tom “I am the Goat” Brady not wearing a mask and getting flack? Rays pumping in crowd noise, do we like it or are we just gonna have to get Over it? JP and the crew discuss. Players testing positive in the MLB? Former Tampa Bay writer, ESPN Anchor Sage Steele is getting “blackballed” at ESPN because of political views? Isn’t this against the law? Check out our show to see who got nipped by the virus bug. We also have a BOAT LOAD of guests and call-ins today! Tune in!

TAMPA TOM HAS “ARRRRRRRR”-IVED AT ONE BUC PLACE! We discuss the video footage of Brady and tweets about brady not wearing a mask and how Brady is a menace to society?!?!? JP gives a rant Tom Brady would be giving a standing ovation to.

At 3:15, Former Rays Pitcher Doug Waechter joins the crew to talk Rays Baseball and MLB first pitch of the season! JP and Doug discuss the Blue jays and where in the world are they going to play. New Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, Trevor Richards has a nice change up and is another “role reliever” that Manager, Kevin Cash loves to have on his team. JP and Doug also “slide” into the rest of the Rays to discuss the intrasquad game and who were the bright stars of the game. Rays OF Austin Meadows, with him being out from Covid, what do the rays do while he is out? JP and Doug breakdown what both the Rays and Meadows need to do. Check it out!

At 3:30, we talk more about Tampa Bay Bucs QB (love saying that) Tom Brady with his “run in” this morning. Washington “Football Team” what in the hell are you thinking? We are laughing about what’s going on with naming the professional football team in Washington DC. Someone copyrights every name the Washington “Football team” name that you could think of…. Hahahah.

At 3:45, Kevin Weiss from the podcast “Locked on Rays” joins the crew to talk MLB being back! Also, we discuss what the heck is happening with Blake Snell? Too much video games? Kevin and JP talk about pumping in crowd noise, do they guys like it? Rays trying to bring a sense of normalcy? MLB going to 16 playoff teams and division winners can pick who they want to face? What that entails and more during this interview!!

At 4:30, the INFAMOUS Bobby “The Chief” Taylor joins the cast to talk some NHL and Tampa Bay Lightning. Since Chief is from Canada, JP asks what in the world is going on with the Canadien Government. A surprising line-mate pairing with Victor Hedman?!? Lightning beefed up since last years debacle will it work or not? When is Stamkos coming back? Also, Chief and JP break down what is going to take for the Bolts to lift Lord Stanley at the end of the season. So open up your PUCKING ears and listen to this interview.

At 5pm, Solomon Wilcox from PFF (Pro Football Focus) joins the show to talk NFL and all things surrounding football! Is Tom Brady chugging the fountain of youth?! Would you want Tom Brady as a leader? Was it critical for Tom Brady to get that time in practicing with teammates at Berkeley Prep High school? Are the NFL games going to feel sluggish? You are going to LOVE the answers. Also, Solomon loves seeing the players tweet #wewanttoplay. You have to tune in to hear the great speech from the PFF writer!

At 5:15pm, Rich Hollenberg joins the star studded show to talk some Rays baseball and boy are we excited of being 24 hours away from “Opening day”!! We ask Rich, what are some of his breakout stars from the scrimmage. We find out what Rich’s views are on the crowd noise. Also, we ask Hollenberg, what does he think is going on with Blake Snell and many more questions! You won’t believe what Rich has to say, so sit back, open up some cracker jacks and get ready for a great interview!!!

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