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It’s almost Friday people!!! On top of that we have a ,loaded show for y’all today! We bring you all the latest news in sports, pop culture, politics, and more!

At 3:30 Scott Carter of joins us about University of Florida Football. Are the gators a contender for the national championship. How are they handling college and the Coronavirus?

At 3:45 we bring in our good friend Kevin Weiss of “Locked on Rays” podcast to continue the heartbreak of the rays loss and Kevin Cash’s reckless decision. What does Kevin think will be in the Rays future? Tune in to find out.

At 4:00 Doug Waechter of Fox Sports chats with us about the analytical side of what happened to the Rays. Tune in to get the experts breakdown of the future of the Rays and the series itself!

At 4:15 we bring in former Ray and baseball legend Jason Romano to discuss “getting over the hump.” How will the Rays get past this? Maybe this is a repeat performance of the 2019 Lightning? Tune in to find out!

At 4:30 our good friend Cliff Gephart of Conservative Grounds reports to us live from Raymond James Stadium to give us the lowdown of the Trump rally happening in Tampa. Will we keep America great? Tune in to get the scoop from the expert!

At 5:00 we bring in Solomon Wilcotts of Pro Football Focus to chat about the NFL and the Bucs. Who is hot? Who is struggling? What are his predictions for week 8? Tune in to find out and hear the experts breakdown.

To listen to our show visit and hit that “Listen Live” button.