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We are back in the saddle again!!! The band is back together!

We open with the a quote WISE WORDS from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Qb Tom Brady. GOOSEBUMPS! PGA GOLFER Tiger Woods at the PGA Tour Championship. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING AUDIO from last nights round robin game against the Boston Bruins! Bolts kicking some ICE! We have BUCS QB Tom Brady audio from today’s press conference. JP SHARES HIS “F****** STRONG OPINION” on the Brady Press Conference. If this doesn’t make you run through a wall NOTHING WILL!

At 3:30, Roy Cummings of joins the show to talk some Tampa Bay Bucs and Tampa Bay Lightning. JP asks Roy what he thought about the Lightning’s last nights victory against the Boston Bruins! We continue to display Audio from the GOATS’s (Tom Brady) presser today. JP and Roy talk about what makes Brady so freaking great! Are the Bucs on the clock? Roy dives into what he thinks the Bucs have to do to be a great team! And SO MUCH MORE DURINF THIS SEGMENT! Check it out!

At 3:45, Kevin Weiss of “Locked on Ray” podcast joins the gang to talk some Tampa Bay Rays Baseball. Does this team need some life? What were Kevin’s thoughts on last nights game? Was there any bright spots? Does Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, Kevin Cash, have to change his approach. Kevin Weiss “calls his shot” during this segment and locks down the answers about all things Rays Baseball!!!

At 4pm, Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus joins the show to talk some Tampa Bay Bucs Football, and he LOVES BRADY!!! Steve wrote the NFL season preview for the Bucs and JP asks him what does Steve like the best about this Bucs team? Is The offensive line for the Bucs still the Achilles heel? Does the Buccaneer front 7 not get enough respect? PFF ranks them at #11 in the NFL. Steve also breaks down ALL OF THE WEAPONS for the Bucs and if a 43 year old Tom Brady can lead this team to a deep run. Tune in for this informative and interesting interview!!

At 4:15, we have our TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING UPDATE! We have audio from all THREE lightning goals. We have audio from Head Coach Jon Cooper getting “aggressive” in his post game press conference! Cooper talks about how hard it is to score “playoff goals”. JP shares his opinion on the “bubble” bolts!

At 4:30, we have more audio Buccaneer Qb (damn it feels good to say that still) Tom Brady. How is he picking up the system? What has he learned over the past 6-7 months? JP shares an opinion on his lover Tom Brady.

At 4:45, we have James Ludeman of “Set the Sails” Podcast joins the show to talk College and NFL football. 4pm deadline to opt out of the NFL season has passed and we tell what we know and how many players opted out. What did Bucs Left tackle Donovan Smith decide to do? Did Tom Brady have any day about Donovan Smith? James ask JP about the Florida State Seminoles. Check in to this interview!

At 5pm, we have our PGA TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP SCORE UPDATE and we go around the World in sports! We have another baby COVID update as well! Is it do or die for the Tampa Bay Rays during this 4-game series with the New York Yankees. We dive into more Tom Brady audio, Brady talks about what the weapons he has around him can do this year!

At 5:15, Gary Coke from NBC sports network stops by to talk some golf. With the PGA TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT starting, JP asks Gary how is Tiger Woods performing and after winning over $150 million and 14 majors with his putter, he gets a new improved putter? We also go around the leaderboard and what portends to the weekend. Can Brooks Koepka win the PGA TITLE for three years in a row? Who should we look out for and who/what are some surprises we may see before the weekend is over? Gary gives his expertise and tells us who we might want to place a bet on, BANK ON IT! Also, what does Gary do for the kids? Gary let’s everyone know what is going on with his life.


At 5:45, we go DOWN IN THE DM’s with Kasey the Intern and Boy! Do we have some juicy messages for you this week! With washboard abs retiring from team Kasey, who might win her heart now? Tune in for your boyfriend’s favorite weekly segment, DOWN IN THE DM’s!!

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