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Current Chicago Bulls forward Thaddeus Young spent seven seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers to begin his career. He was a good soldier who helped the Sixers make the playoffs a few times during his time there while also being a good veteran at the beginning of The Process.

In seven seasons with the Sixers, Young averaged 13.7 points and 5.5 rebounds while playing hard on a nightly basis. He was never a star, but he was a guy the team could count on.

In the 2009-10 season, the Sixers brought back franchise legend Allen Iverson after he had been waived by the Memphis Grizzlies. It was the first time Young had played with Iverson, and the two of them had a hilarious moment at the beginning of The Answer’s second go-around in Philadelphia.

Young sat down with Howard Beck on “The Crossover NBA Show” podcast to tell the story:

The first day he came in and he had all this stuff in my locker because he sat next to me in practice, so he had all this stuff in my locker. And I came in and I was looking, and I just I set his stuff over next to his locker. And the first thing he said was – he was joking, but what he said, don’t ever touch my s— again, you young punk beat mother f—er. And I started laughing like I thought was the funniest thing ever. And he was like he was joking about it. But that was like the first time we had ever, like, spoke or like had a conversation. And then from then on, we were just super cool. And I kind of had to hold my ground as a young guy, like, ‘No man, you set your stuff in yo locker, I’ll set my stuff in my locker!’ And he was like, ‘I own this locker room. I made this locker.’ And I was like, you right about that, but you ain’t been here in three years.

Iverson definitely has the clout to do something of this nature considering everything he gave to the franchise, but credit has to go to Young for not backing down from the legendary guard. It was only his third season in the league, so to do that is commendable.

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