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Mick Jagger Recruits Dave Grohl for New Song on Pandemic Life, ‘Eazy Sleazy’ | RS News 4/13/21

Mick Jagger has enlisted Dave Grohl for a new song, “Eazy Sleazy.” The track finds Jagger tackling life during the pandemic, with a mix of frustration, exhaustion and humor. In one verse, he sings about refusing to try a TikTok dance and falling on his ass in a samba class, while later he challenges “deep state” believers and other conspiracy theorists. The chorus, however, is packed with optimism for the post-pandemic future as Jagger sings, “We escaped from the prison walls/Open the windows and open the doors/But it’s easy easy/Everything’s gonna get really freaky/Alright on the night/It’s gonna be a garden of earthly delights.”