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We asked for it, we got it. Now go bet it.

The folks at PointsBet, at our request during PFT Live, put together odds for the next destination of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

The Panthers are the favorite at +150, followed by the Broncos at +250, the Texans at +350, the Steelers at +600, the Raiders at +800, the Falcons at +800, the Dolphins at +800, and the Bears and Lions at +1000.

Here’s our take as to each of the available landing spots on the PointsBet board.

First, he most likely won’t be playing for the Panthers. With a base salary of $17 million if he’s on the team as of Week One, he’ll likely be cut — if he’s not traded.

Second, the Broncos make plenty of sense for Bridgewater, given the presence of former Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton. That would be a smart bet at +250.

The Texans are possible but not likely, given the presence of Tyrod Taylor. If they add another veteran, it likely would be for something less than the $10 million Bridgewater is guaranteed to earn.

Ditto for the Steelers. They have cap issues; they can’t afford Bridgewater.

The Raiders have Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota under a drastically reduced deal. There’s likely no room for Teddy.

The Falcons have cap issues, too, and they’d go far cheaper at the veteran backup position.

The Dolphins have signed Jacoby Brissett to backup Tua Tagovailoa. It seems unlikely that they’d bring Bridgewater home to Miami.

The Bears and Lions likewise seem unlikely. The Bears are slightly less unlikely (or slightly more likely). Regardless, Chicago has Andy Dalton and Detroit has Jared Goff. Bridgewater and his eight-figure salary will become an issue for either of them.

Some viable choices, in our view, aren’t on the PointsBet board. As previously explained, Bridgewater at, say, $12 million, would be a much better gap option than Jimmy Garoppolo at $25 million, as the 49ers get the third overall pick ready to go. The Seahawks could need Teddy, if they trade Russell Wilson. Finally, if all else fails and Bridgewater gets cut, the Buccaneers would likely make a beeline to sign him.

To summarize, yes to the Broncos at +250 and possibly yes to longshots like San Francisco, Seattle, or Tampa, if/when they get on the board.

Teddy Bridgewater betting odds emerge originally appeared on Pro Football Talk