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Welcome back beautiful people! We are day closer to Friday which means more sports to look forward to!

The rays did not get the W last night against the New York Yankees which means now our beloved Rays need to come back and win two in a row. Is the team confident that we can come back?

President Trump gets to leave the hospital after contracting the notorious COVID-19 and despite his recovery the media can not seem to wrap their brains around his well being… Good thing we feel differently! Tune in to hear us!


The Red Guys take on the Chicago Bears this Thursday evening and we hear from head coach Bruce Arians about his thoughts on the upcoming match up. How do the players and coaching staff feel about it? Tune in to find out.

At 3:45 we bring in James Ludeman of “Set the Sails” podcast to chat with us about everything from Bucs to rays. What does he think about the Rays performance? Is he hopeful Tom Brady and the Bucs will be able to beat the Chicago Bears this week? Tune in to find out!

At 4:30 we bring in sound from Stanley Cup Champion head coach as he talks about life after the bubble and as a championship head coach. Tune in to get all up in your feels!

At 5:00 we bring in Paul Wilson joins us to chat with us about the day the music died. A sad day in music history but their names will live on forever. Tune in for some insight from someone in the business!

At 5:15 we bring you sound from the Rays game when Ji-Man Choi hit his home run against the great Gerritt Cole. Tonight they prepare to take on the new York Yankees again! Will they tie the series? Tune in to hear what JP thinks.

At 5:30 Scott Reynolds of Pewter report chats with us about Tom Brady and how he matches up against the Chicago Bears. Get the inside scoop from the man with all the dirt.

At 5:45 we close out the show with a discussion about the death of Eddie Van Halen. Cancer Sucks! However… FOOD DOES NOT! Tune in to hear it!

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