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From hitting his own father to finding the water twice, Rory McIlroy’s Masters misery goes on

Even if a green jacket still eludes him, Rory McIlroy can rest easy in the knowledge that he has explored every quirk of Augusta topography, from the waste ground beside the Butler cabins to the back of his father’s leg. Masters 2021, round one: as it happened Yes, 10 years after throwing away a four-shot lead with his tragicomic walk in the woods, the perennial Masters page boy truly outdid himself this time. Swinging the club about as accurately as Kate Winslet in Titanic swung an axe to rescue her doomed lover, he contrived to send his second shot at the seventh straight into the calf of unsuspecting dad Gerry. “I should ask for an autographed glove,” muttered McIlroy Snr, who had barely broken stride. They make them tough in Holywood.