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Steve Ballmer grabs legs of fans next to him at Clippers game.

Steve Ballmer … celebrates. via ESPN/NBA

  • Cameras caught Steve Ballmer celebrating a Clippers basket on Wednesday.

  • Ballmer celebrated by slapping, then rubbing the legs of the two individuals next to him.

  • The sports world immediately reacted in awe and confusion over the bizarre celebration.

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The LA Clippers’ season ended on Wednesday with a Game 6 loss in the Western Conference Finals, but not before team owner Steve Ballmer could produce one of the more memorable celebrations in recent NBA history.

Late in the third quarter, Clippers forward Nic Batum hit a three-pointer to cut the Phoenix Suns’ lead to seven points.

As the Suns called timeout and the crowd erupted, cameras caught Ballmer, sitting in his usual baseline seat, celebrating wildly. This celebration included grabbing the legs of the two individuals next to him, rubbing them vigorously while seemingly using them to brace himself.

Even for Ballmer, who has gone viral for his enthusiasm dating back to his days as a Microsoft executive, this was a new one:

Immediately, the NBA world was awestruck by the celebration:

Unfortunately, for Ballmer and the Clippers, they could not close the gap on the Suns and were eliminated.

The Clippers will likely look to run it back next season with a healthy squad, meaning there should be plenty more opportunities for Ballmer to celebrate.

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