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Today St Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman revealed the Rays “offer” to redevelop the Trop site. It’s clearly so one sided and ridiculous Kriseman had no option but to reject it.

You can read about it here:

This allows the Rays toContinue blocking any redevelopment so they can stay in the Trop till 2027 and keep printing profits. They pay virtually nothing in rent, keep the lowest payrolls in baseball while increasing revenues every year and according to Forbes making $60-70 million in profits annually. 

Amazing how greedy Stu Sternberg is and his complete lack of any kind of community responsibility. He Just wants to pillage as much money from the local taxpayers and fans as he possibly can. All while dismantling a World Series Team to make even more money this year with one of the lowest 3 payrolls in baseball. Never even a hint of working with community leaders to do what’s best for the entire area. He’s basically using the lease as leverage to hold up redevelopment and force (blackmail?) the city to give him more property and lease rights. The Dude has made over a BILLION dollars on the Rays value (because of the TB market size) hundreds of millions in profits and it’s still not enough. MLB needs to remove him as owner so the TB community can redevelop the Trop site to better the lives of so many in St. Pete and make DTSP even better. 

Meanwhile a new owner would gladly pay half for a full time team in Ybor/DT Tampa and that stadium would be an iconic venue to regain needed tourism dollars. All this being held up by one very greedy man. We will definitely be talking about this today on the JP Peterson Show 3-6pm 98.3/96.7FM/820AM on

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