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The Philadelphia 76ers are in the process of trying to figure out what the right move is following another disappointing playoff finish when they fell in Game 7 at home to the Atlanta Hawks in Round 2. They have a lot of ways they can go about improving the roster, but the most popular one is through trade.

One of the big topics of discussion to begin the offseason for Philadelphia has been moving Ben Simmons. The 3-time All-Star is bearing the brunt of the criticism following another uninspiring performance where he only took four shots and scored five points in the Game 7 loss.

Considering this is not the first time this has happened, some believe it is time to move on from the talented, but maddening, young star.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes that the Golden State Warriors are a possible suitor for Simmons:

In the end, Philadelphia is trying to claim that Philadelphia is not interested in moving Ben Simmons. Let me tell y’all something that’s a damn lie. That’s a damn lie. Okay, it’s just that they’re not interested in getting trash back for him. You make a solid, bona fide offer, the Philadelphia 76ers are going to consider it. I believe the Golden State Warriors are going to make a push for Ben Simmons. Okay, so keep your ears tuned, stay tuned. Ben Simmons, it’s possible, Ben Simmons can end up in Golden State with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. Alright, but calls have already been made, things are percolating, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if something like that ended up going down. This notion that Ben Simmons, ain’t no way Philadelphia is moving him? Hell yeah. They’ll move him, if it’s the right offer. They won’t move up for garbage, they won’t move him for something that’s not a good offer, but I’m telling you, I know a lot of people in Philly, as y’all both know, but let them get the right offer? Ben’s gone.

It would be hard for the Warriors to come up with a fair offer without having to give up one of the aforementioned stars that they possess for Simmons. As Smith mentioned, Philadelphia won’t trade Simmons just to trade him. They have to get real value back in return for a guy who at just 24-years old, has accomplished a lot in this league.

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