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There are literally stats for everything. We found this one terribly fascinating, albeit not terribly useful but we wanted to share it with all of you. Football Outsiders put together the numbers for the average height and weight of every NFL team’s roster and sorted it by positional unit. Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers check-in? Big.

The Steelers check-in at having the tallest and second-heaviest quarterback group in the NFL. At running back, the Steelers trail only the Titans in weight at 225.7 pounds. We’ve often talked about the Steelers big wideouts and the numbers bear it out at the are No. 3 in the league at 208 pounds but in the bottom third in height.

The Steelers have always liked bigger tight ends and the numbers show it as they are No. 2 in the league at 258.8 pounds, with only the Baltimore Ravens ahead of them. The biggest surprise on offense was the Steelers offensive line only being ninth-heaviest in the NFL at 316.8 but they were the tallest at an average of 77.8 inches per guy.

Any conclusions from these numbers? Just that it makes it even more frustrating to go back and watch last season and see this group get pushed around and lack any semblance of physicality when they were among the biggest offenses in the NFL.


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