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Skip Bayless of Fox Sports admitted on Thursday’s Undisputed show that he was not only fearful that the Brooklyn Nets were going to beat his Los Angeles Clippers, but he said the Nets are definitely going to “wipe out the East.”

The contenders that stand in the way of Brooklyn in the playoffs are the reigning Eastern Conference champions the Miami Heat, Joel Embiid’s Philadelphia 76ers, and an interesting Milwaukee Bucks squad that added Jrue Holiday in the offseason. Keep in mind that the Nets have already beaten these teams on their way to sitting at the top of the East right now.

Considering one of these contenders have to keep up with the Nets scoring, it is going to be really hard to match a scoring number of 120 points in a 7 game series with Brooklyn. When only two of three superstars in the Big 3 usually play, 120 points is easy to crack. When they are all together, there’s no doubt that number will only increase. To make things even scarier, good defense may not be enough. That’s how talented Brooklyn’s offense is this year.