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The Philadelphia 76ers acquired Danny Green in the offseason knowing he could be a one-year rental due to his 3-and-D capability. The veteran out of North Carolina will enter free agency on Aug. 2, and the Sixers will have a decision to make.

After a season in which he shot 40.5% from deep, provided great leadership and defense, and helped the Sixers earn the No. 1 seed in the East, Philadelphia would be wise to bring him back. The Sixers definitely missed him in the second-round against the Atlanta Hawks after he suffered a right calf strain.

Green acknowledged the team did a lot for him, and coach Doc Rivers told him the team wants him back.

“For these people who’ve taken care of us, they looked out for me,” said Green. “A bunch of love for this city and this organization. I talked to Doc and my first initial reaction was a helluva year, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. He goes, ‘You’ll be back. You ain’t going no (expletive) where.’ So that’s a good sign that they want me back.”

Even with Rivers voicing his desire to have Green return, the veteran said it is way too early to begin thinking about free agency. He still has a lot of details to iron out before moving on to any offseason issues.

“It’s way too early, man,” Green explained. “I haven’t had any thoughts about it. We had our exit meeting just now, and business is business at the end of the day, but even though it’s a short amount of time, it’s like a family. Every team I’ve gone to has been like a family, it’s been great.”

Along with Rivers, the rest of the roster has expressed they would like the veteran to return. He does a lot of really good things for the Sixers in terms of using his voice and getting everybody on the same page.

“I talked to the guys and they said, ‘hopefully we have you back’,” Green finished. “It’s always great to feel wanted. I haven’t a chance to really think about it. We have until August when free agency starts. Right now, I haven’t had a full summer, in a while, to enjoy my offseason.”

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