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Sixers fans react to Joel Embiid’s tough MVP snub originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Nikola Jokic was named the 2020-21 NBA MVP on Tuesday evening, a tough one to swallow for Sixers fans who’d hoped this would be Joel Embiid‘s year.

It seems Jokic’s durability and Embiid’s injury woes decided the award. It’s a bummer that the absolute best player in terms of talent level didn’t win the award; some will argue being available is part of the value equation, while others will point out Jokic is a defensive liability while Embiid is a masterful two-way player.

Ultimately, it’s a regular-season award, not a postseason award, so it’s not a huge deal as the Sixers try to fight their way through the playoffs towards an NBA title.

But you’d better believe Sixers fans still had something to say about the choice.

Some Sixers fans were okay with the decision, considering Jokic’s unreal numbers this season with the Nuggets.

Others… not so much:

So much booing. So much ire. 

It’s frustrating to feel like the Sixers, despite taking the No. 1 seed this year and playing some truly exceptional basketball, still don’t get the recognition they deserve from the basketball world at large.

The best antidote, of course, is to win the title this season and silence the doubters for good.