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In a Late Night segment on Thursday, Seth Meyers went after Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and other congressional Republicans who have attempted to cast doubt on the 2020 election and downplay the deadly Capitol riot in January, among various other things unbecoming of an elected representative.

Meyers first played a recent CNN interview with Arizona’s GOP State Senate president in which she defended the state’s election audit despite its rampant problems.

“That interview is a good reminder that in addition to being craven and delusional, many of the elected Republican lawmakers in Congress and state legislatures who make up the core of the Trump cult are also just super dumb,” Meyers said. He then cited Gohmert as a prime example.

The Texas congressman, Meyers noted, has not only pushed the ‘Big Lie’ that the presidential election was somehow fraudulent, but has also claimed that the violent insurrection at the Capitol was not one at all.

“There’s no evidence… that this was an armed insurrection,” Gohmert had said on the House floor. “There have been things worse than people without any firearms coming into a building.”

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First, weapons were used, of course—a fact that is painfully obvious given the ample video evidence. Also, Meyers said, “Saying there are worse things than the thing that happened doesn’t make the thing that happened a good thing.”

“That sounds like a kid explaining a party that got out of hand when his parents were out of town,” as the late-night host put it.

Meyers then mentioned Greene, who also perpetuated the ‘Big Lie,’ not to mention compared mask mandates to the Holocaust and attributed wildfires to secret Jewish space lasers.

“Normally, when you hear that kind of talk, you’re at a local community board meeting where everyone gets five minutes to raise an issue,” Meyers said.

Footage from last summer of a similar type of meeting just so happens to depict Greene saying she would be against removing statues of Adolf Hitler and Satan because keeping them up could be a good teaching experience.

The bottom line, Meyers concluded, is that people like Gohmert and Greene “just want to double down on Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ so they can steal elections in the future.”

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