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Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott made some head-scratching comments following his team’s loss to the New England Patriots. Now, he wants to clarify.

Losing to New England 14-10 earlier this month, McDermott did not want to “give more credit than we need to give credit to Bill Belichick in this one.” In what was a frustrating night for the Buffalo Bills, frustrations boiled over.

Now, the head coach wants to clarify what he meant with those comments. McDermott indicated those comments were team-focused and not specifically directed at the coach.

“One hundred percent of where we fell short, (was) where we could have done better,” McDermott said about his comments, via The Boston Globe. “One percent that. … (I have) 100% respect for Coach Belichick. It was really just focused on us. That was the intent.”

With the playoff race heating up for the Patriots and Bills alike, Sunday’s game should be intriguing. As the Patriots look to rebound from their loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo looks to ride their momentum from their big win over the Carolina Panthers.


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