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Jul. 4—POTSDAM — Starting Monday, Sandstoner Park will offer free disc golf.

There will be three portable goals and more than 20 official discs available for use. This equipment can only be used during regular beach hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. when guards are on duty. The park is open during these times 7 days a week, except holidays.

“When you come to the park, if you want to use the discs you just check in with a staff member and sign a free rental agreement, ensuring that you will keep the equipment in good condition.” Potsdam Recreation Director Trey T. Smutz said.

In order to use the equipment, a rental agreement signature will be required, and arrangements can be made ahead of time to reserve equipment.

The goals will be stored inside the arena and brought outside upon request.

Efforts are under way to install three permanent goals behind Pine Street Arena. Mr. Smutz said that these permanent goals will likely be ready by the end of summer, but that in the meantime portable nets were acquired so that locals could enjoy the sport.

Mr. Smutz said that the ultimate plan is to host disc golf clinics, tournaments, and lessons at the park.

“With all the land and space we got back here, it should be a pretty fun time for both kids and adults,” he said.

Disc golf is gaining in popularity, despite the pandemic.

The ability to play outdoors and social distance has played a part in its growth.

Last year, 140,000 disc golf rounds were played per day, according to the Disc Golf Growth Report by UDisc, an app for disc golfers.

The rules are similar to golf, with players vying to get their plastic flying disc from the tee played to the goal in the fewest number of strokes.

The goal is a circular metal basket on a pole with chains hanging from an upper ring to arrest the flight of the disc. Players use several different styles of discs, much like the different clubs used standard golf.