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Alisson’s goal was the perfect football moment – you won’t see anything like it again

When Sergio Aguero gave the Premier League and Sky Sports is greatest moment, Martin Tyler rose to the occasion. “Agueroooooo” is the commentary soundbite which will live on for generations, but it was the words that followed which really summed up the meaning of that title-winning goal. “I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again.” Those words could have been revived for Liverpool’s winner at West Brom on Sunday, scored by their goalkeeper and highly unlikely to be repeated. Instead it was soundtracked by incredulous hooting laughter from Jamie Carragher, an equally appropriate response to a ridiculously rare moment. Clearly goalkeepers scoring is not a regular occurrence. Alisson was the first to do so in Liverpool’s history and there have only been six examples in the Premier League, since the invention of football in 1992. This rarity was enhanced by the wider context of the goal, turning it from curios to unforgettable sporting moment. It was an immense goal on every level you can imagine, the technique, its timing, the context of game, the meaning for Liverpool’s morale, the reaction, the financial implications, its aforementioned rarity and Alisson’s personal story. Football doesn’t get much better. Technique “I have a sense of how to head a ball,” said Alisson post-match, saying he sometimes practices in training “for fun”. Clearly.