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Tom Brady‘s return to Gillette Stadium for a Week Four showdown against the Patriots may create different emotions for different members of the organization. For owner Robert Kraft, who has said repeatedly over the years that he regards Brady as another son, there’s no ambiguity or conflict.

Excited to have him,” Kraft told “He’s a great guy, and he did so much for us. I love him.”

Asked about the skyrocketing prices for tickets to the game on the secondary market, Kraft said, “We should have a fun night. But I’m excited for Week One, and we play Miami.”

We know that, barring injury, Brady will be playing quarterback for the Buccaneers that night. So who will be playing quarterback for the Patriots, Mac Jones or Cam Newton?

“I pay Bill [Belichick] a lot of money,” Kraft said with a laugh. “Let him decide.”

It will indeed be a fun night. It’s already one of the most anticipated regular-season games in league history. On October 3, we’ll find out if it’s also one of the most memorable.

Robert Kraft “excited” for Tom Brady’s return in Week Four originally appeared on Pro Football Talk