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The woman accusing Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer of sexual assault said he choked her until she lost consciousness and punched her in the face during sex, leaving her with head injuries and “facial trauma,” according to an ESPN report Thursday.

The network obtained a copy of the filing accompanying her request for a temporary restraining order against Bauer, filed on Monday.

The woman, 27, was granted the temporary order. ESPN said Pasadena police are investigating the alleged assaults, which the woman said occurred April 21 and May 16 at Bauer’s home in Pasadena, Calif.

Through his attorney, Bauer, 30, has denied allegations of assault and said he and the woman engaged in consensual sex twice.

As of midday Thursday, the Dodgers had yet to respond to the report.

The woman’s filing included details of the alleged incidents — including accusations he choked her with her own hair — and photos of two black eyes, as well as marks on her face and lips. Per ESPN, she said that while she was unconscious, Bauer punched her below the waist, and admitted to doing so when she awoke.

“You have a couple welts. I need to be more careful where I hit you. I also punched your butt while you were unconscious so you may have a bruise there,” she quoted Bauer as saying.

After their second encounter, she went to a hospital in San Diego, where she lives, and was diagnosed with “acute head injury” and “assault by manual strangulation.” San Diego police talked with her and she said she did not want to file charges out of concerns for her privacy.

Pasadena police subsequently contacted her, and ESPN said that she met with officers in that city on May 21. At their request, she called Bauer, and he admitted in a recorded conversation that he punched her several times in the buttocks while she was unconscious.

“I agreed to have consensual sex,” the woman said in her request for the restraining order. “However I did not agree or consent to what he did next. I did not agree to be sexually assaulted.”

A hearing is set for July 23, at which time Bauer will be allowed to speak. Bauer intends to deny the accusations, and his representatives have shared text messages purportedly between the two that include the woman’s request for “pain” and to be choked, ESPN reported.

Major League Baseball has opened a domestic violence investigation into Bauer, the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner as a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

In February, he signed a three-year, $102 million contract with his hometown Dodgers.

On the season, Bauer is 8-5 with a 2.59 ERA in 17 starts He leads the major leagues in strikeouts (137) and innings pitched (107 2/3).

–Field Level Media