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According to a report from CBS Sports, Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule filed an arbitration suit against his former employer, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

According to the report, the suit was filed on Jan. 25 and “Rhule seeks to receive the offset money he claims is due to him from the Panthers.” The suit doesn’t name a specific amount Rhule believes he’s owed.

The Panthers fired Rhule on Oct. 10, 2022, just three years into a seven-year, $62 million contract that was signed in 2020, which is worth about $8.85 million per year.

Rhule signed an eight-year contract worth $74 million with Nebraska, which is worth $9.25 million per year. The following is the base salary of the $74 million deal, which is heavily backloaded.

All contract years run from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 unless stated otherwise.

If the Huskers fire Rhule without cause, their buyout is 90 percent of his remaining salary.

For example: If Nebraska fires Rhule without cause after Year 4, then it is on the hook for $41.4 million out of the remaining $46 million due to him over the final four years of the contract.

Rhule will receive “deferred compensation” in the forum of an extra $1 million payment if he remains Nebraska’s coach by each of the following dates:

– March 1, 2025

– March 1, 2027

– March 1, 2029

– Dec. 31, 2030