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Just a few months ago, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Albert Wilson appeared to be on the roster bubble. The Dolphins were on the cusp of a wide receiver room overhaul and, with a significant salary for the 2021 season, Wilson appeared to be a logical member of the chopping block. What a difference a few months makes.

There’s still plenty of work to be done, but it appears as though Wilson has answered the call regarding his status as a viable member of the receiving corp — as indicated by a recent report from the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson. According to Jackson, Miami is so happy with Wilson’s health and early showings that they’re even looking at further amplifying his role in the passing game to include reps on the outside.

“The Dolphins have been very happy with how receiver Albert Wilson looked in the offseason program and are even using him some outside, because Jaylen Waddle projects as their top slot receiver.” — Barry Jackson, Miami Herald

This is a notable development for Miami on a couple of fronts. If the team does indeed follow through and finds room for Wilson on the outside, rookie Jaylen Waddle will be freed up to take a higher percentage of the snaps from the slot, which is where he was most frequently used last year at Alabama. Furthermore, more of Wilson on the outside is bad news for talents like Preston Williams, who currently don’t offer a great deal of special teams value and are lower on the pecking order at wide receiver after the additions of Waddle and Fuller to the mix.

In all, more competition is a good thing. And if Wilson is able to play to the standard that makes his salary worth keeping on the books, the Dolphins will undoubtedly be thrilled to have him after the trying season the team had last year at wide receiver.

Training camp is the big test. But, at least for now, this is a significant development as Miami tries to sort out a crowded wide receiver room for 2021.