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One quarterback who won Super Bowls with the Broncos wants to own a piece of the team. The team, meanwhile, wants the other quarterback who won a Super Bowl with the Broncos to want to own a piece of the team.

John Elway reportedly wants in on Broncos ownership. The Broncos reportedly want Peyton Manning in on ownership, and to be involved in team management.

The latter report comes from Jason La Canfora of CBS.

The problem. as noted by Amy Trask of CBS, is that there’s no way Peyton would be able to satisfy the requirement that he own 30 percent of the team. If it goes for $4 billion, that’s $1.2 billion for Peyton — and he’d also need the money to run the team.

It’s far more likely that Elway or Manning would be involved in a broader ownership group, with someone else being the “controlling owner.” It’s unclear whether Elway and Manning would team up, or whether they’d be affiliated with rival ownership groups.

The mere fact that these reports are emerging underscores the reality that, come 2022, the lingering disagreements among the seven children of Pat Bowlen likely will lead to a sale of the team.

Report: Broncos reach out to Peyton Manning about ownership stake originally appeared on Pro Football Talk